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Castle Microwave supplies a range of instrumentation and test equipment from low frequency to light wave.

Our products:

Browse our range of products, including spectrum analysers and RF power meters:

  • Vector Network Analysers (VNA) to 220 GHz

From single port, PC controlled modular VNAs operating to 43.5GHz to bench top 4-port broadband systems (with single sweep coverage from 70 kHz to 110, 125, 145 and 220 GHz, extendable to 1.1 THz), we can provide a network analyser that supports your measurement requirements. They also have the connectivity to design software and the capability to perform on wafer measurements via probe station are also available.

  • Spectrum Analyser to 45 GHz

Choose from an extensive selection of handheld and bench top signal analyser products performing from DC to 44.5 GHz and extendable to 325 GHz. With excellent total level accuracy, dynamic range and performance, these spectrum analysers not only capture wideband signals, but FFT technology supports multifunction signal analyses in both the time and frequency domains.

Moreover, the built-in signal generators on some models output both continuous wave (CW) and modulated signals for use as a reference signal source. Handheld analysers provide excellent flexibility in the field for locating, identifying, recording, and solving communication system problems without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

OTDR range ensures fast and highly accurate measurements of optical fibre cables with a unique range of handheld, benchtop, and OEM module solutions. As experts in fibre testing, our manufacturer’s range includes the unique Coherent OTDR for testing submarine cables up to 12,000 km and a NEW uOTDR, with performance that rivals larger and more expensive traditional OTDRs.

  • RF Power Meter

Single and dual channel power meters perform analogue-to-digital conversion of data from a power sensor, which is then processed on a PC. Power analysers are an ultraportable, USB-powered solution that enables frequency-based power measurements from 9 kHz to 70 or 110 GHz.

  • Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)

A BERT and sampling oscilloscope are required measuring instruments for evaluating optical modules used by optical communications systems. Current designs available support up to 4 channels as well as a sampling oscilloscope in a single, compact, 18 cm deep cabinet reducing cost and bench space. Simultaneous BER measurements, Eye Mask tests, and Eye pattern analyses can be made without changing cables. Since the number of BER measurement channels can be expanded to four 4-channel BER measurements, Eye Mask tests and Eye pattern analyses can be run simultaneously. Also, built-in support for SFP+ modules eliminates the need for a separate light source.

BERT testers now available enable measurements at speeds ranging from 125 Mbit/s to 12.5 Gbit/s. They also have the built-in 4ch BERT option which facilitates configuration of test systems for multichannel modules, such as QSFP+ and AOC.

  • Load Pull test solutions

Load pull is an essential tool in the design, test, model validation process of amplifier development and is also used in test validation of various system modules. There are different methods to perform load pull and we are able to provide equipment and technical support for most applications.

Load pull methods supported include Active, Hybrid Passive-Active, with a range of tuners and associated ancillary equipment, together with advanced measurement and modelling software, that supports multiple load pull techniques including traditional load pull using external instrumentation, VNA-based load pull, active load pull and hybrid load pull. The software performs DC-IV and pulsed-IV measurements and incorporates device modelling tools. Its modern visualization capabilities give users a greater ability to view, plot and graph measurement data in an intuitive manner

  • PIM testing solutions

Passive Intermodulation (PIM) occurs when multiple RF signals encounter defects in materials or workmanship in an RF path. These defects behave like a mixer causing noise to be generated at mathematical combinations of the original carrier frequencies. and in the receive band of a wireless system PIM interference elevates the noise floor resulting in high dropped call rates, call blocking, slow data transmission speeds and decreased system capacity.

We offer a wide range of PIM test solutions for equipment manufacturers to quickly and confidently verify the performance of their products, in addition to handheld measurement equipment for use at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems. Battery operated analysers designed for use in the field can be operated via remote control with any Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet or laptop computer. This allows hands-free dynamic testing that is safe and convenient. Add the optional Range to Fault (RTF) module to quickly identify the location of PIM and Return Loss sources. Cable test equipment is also available.

  • Phase stable test cables (incl. high power)

We are able to offer a very wide range of cable assembly products for test and measurement applications including highly stable multi-layer cable designs using precision interconnect for highly accurate, phase sensitive measurements up to 65 GHz, extremely low loss EPTFE dielectric cable for high power applications using EIA flange connectors, and ruggedized assemblies with optional weather proof jacketing for outdoor applications including flight line and antenna test ranges.

  • Calibration Kits & Standards

Metrology and instrumentation grade calibration kits, standards and precision adapters are available up to 1.0mm/110 GHz, with waveguide kits also available. Complete kits or single components with individual calibration certificates can be provided.

  • Frequency Reference Units

A range of high stability, ultra low OCXO noise reference units, plus Cesium, and Rubidium clocks, GPS reference oscillators and distribution amplifiers (up to 100 MHz) in rack mount, connectorised module and through board configurations can be supplied.


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