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Field Detector FD10 from combinova

Field Detector FD10 from combinova

The Combinova Field Detector FM 10 is a 3-axis magnetic field meter dedicated to evaluate and verify compliance to occupational exposure limits stated by EU Directive 2013/35 or other limits stated by national laws and regulations or international standards.

Data Sheets for the FD10 and a full copy of the EU directive can be found below:

FD10 brochure ver3.1


With a frequency range from 10 Hz to 400 kHz it is suited for application such as:

  • Electric power production and distribution
  • Induction heating and hardening
  • Industrial magnetizers and demagnetizers
  • Electric welding
  • Industrial electrolysis
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electric railways
  • Furnaces arc melting

Equipment for transcranial magnetic stimulation FD 10 also can be used for pre-compliance measurements of electric fields.

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