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Anechoic Chambers

With over a decade of experience in aiding the design, manufacture and installation of anechoic chambers and associated test equipment, you can trust Castle Microwave with all your anechoic testing chamber  requirements. We are able to supply anything from small size bench top chambers, to EMC pre-compliance/shielded rooms and complete vehicle testing chambers.

All our testing facilities are made from sound absorbent material keep noise levels to a minimum when your equipment is under test.

Custom EMC Anechoic Chambers

At Castle Microwave, we pride ourselves on offering our customers fully anechoic, bespoke testing facilities built, or refurbished, to your requirements. We are able to offer:

  • Fully customised new build solutions such as anechoic chambers, shielded room, mode stir chambers and mini EMC chambers
  • Upgrades and refurbishments of existing rooms
  • Chamber dismantling or re-location services

Antenna chambers include classic rectangular, tapered chambers and compact ranges. We also supply masts and towers for outside far field ranges along with a full range of positioning systems, controllers and software automation.

Semi vs Full Anechoic Chamber

The choice between semi and full anechoic chamber depends on what you intend to use the room for. A full chamber consists of absorbing materials lining all surfaces, including the floor – the floor is covered in absorbers. A semi anechoic chamber has reflective ground plane so heavier objects can be tested.

The construction of an Anechoic Chamber

An anechoic chamber is a very complex piece of equipment – when you choose a custom-built room with us, we ensure a variety features are used including:

  • Treatment selection
  • Noise reduction and internal acoustic ambient noise level
  • Vibration isolation
  • RF treatments

The Advantage of Investing in an Anechoic Chamber

Investing in an Anechoic Chamber to be used as and when it is necessary only saves time and costs:

  • Bespoke – with a chamber built to your exact needs, you can guarantee efficiency and more accurate results.
  • Development times – with full time access to an anechoic chamber, you are able to test and improve the product easily
  • Lower costs – outsourcing anechoic chamber tests can become expensive, especially if the product needs repetitive tests. It is more cost effective to perform a full compliance test in house especially.
  • Time efficient – with your own chamber, you won’t need to take into account wait times and shipping times

Our Anechoic Test Chamber Partners

Here at Castle Microwave, anechoic test chamber solutions include pyramidal, flat and sheet absorbers from leading quality suppliers including Emerson & Cumming, MAST and AEMI from MVG.

Through our expert partners, we are able to offer a range of specialised test and measurement solutions. Our capabilities include cable assemblies  (low loss/high power), antennas, dynamometers, positioners, controllers, network and spectrum analysers, etc.

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