pyramidal absorber, flat absorber / sheet absorber

Anechoic Chambers

Castle Microwave has over a decades experience in aiding the design, manufacture and installation of anechoic chambers and associated test equipment. We are able to supply small size bench top chambers, EMC pre-compliance/shielded rooms, up to complete vehicle testing chambers.

Our chamber solutions include pyramidal absorber, flat absorber/sheet absorber from quality suppliers including Emerson & Cumming, MAST and AEMI from MVG.

Through our partners we are able to offer a range of specialised test and measurement solutions including cable assemblies (low loss/high power), antennas, dynamometers, positioners, controllers, network and spectrum analysers, etc.

Antenna chambers include classic rectangular, tapered chambers and compact ranges. We also supply masts and towers for outside far field ranges along with a full range of positioning systems, controllers and software automation.
Castle is able to offer fully customised new build solutions, to upgrades and refurbishments of existing rooms and chamber dismantling/re-location services.

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