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We are able to offer broad band, High Power Mosfet RF Transistors and compact RF broadband amplifier modules from Polyfet. The technology bases for their transistors are Silicon Gate Vertical and Lateral DMOSFETs; and Gallium Aluminium Nitride (GAN). The line of power modules employs both D-MOS and GAN devices as appropriate and the products are well established in the industry supporting both military and commercial applications. The parts are offered as discrete devices, LDMOS, VDMOS, GAN and are also offered as modules for a product that falls between a discrete transistor and a full-feature amplifier. We are also able to offer an extensive selection of Si and SiGe RF transistors and HBTs from Renesas and CEL for use as Low Noise Amplifiers, Medium Power Driver Amplifiers, and VCOs. Available packages include the smallest available in the industry.

  • Broadband RF Power Mosfets
  • GaN devices

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