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At Castle Microwave, we have a history of working with Antennas. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Kaelus.

Kaelus' Capabilities

As part of our Network Services business area, Kaelus provide a range of products for cellular applications both infrastructure and test equipment solutions.

Antenna Line Devices - ALD's

Castle Microwave has a selection of Innovative Antenna Line devices ranging from Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA’s), to combiners and Filters.

Our solutions cover Radio Access Network Test and measurement Equipment, including; Cable and Antenna, Base Station, PIM Analysers and RF Safety.










Test Equipment

Cable and Antenna Analyser

The iVA series Cable & Antenna Analyser is an exciting new product from Kaelus that enables users to accurately measure and locate VSWR/return loss faults in their RF infrastructure. The wireless connectivity allows unprecedented measurement flexibility and opens up new & important possibilities in sweep testing and multi-port testing. The iVA is a rugged battery operated module that can be remotely controlled with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, smart phone, laptop computer or any of our iPA series Portable Passive Intermodulation analysers.

Battery Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyser

The iPA Series Passive Intermodulation (PIM) analyser is the first battery powered PIM Test Analyser versatile enough to support multiple test scenarios such as testing at the top of the tower, base of tower, roof top and in-building for DAS systems. This IEC compliant 20W, rugged, battery operated design includes a tablet computer in a ruggedized case for remote control. This allows hands-free dynamic testing that is safe and convenient. Add the optional Range to Fault (RTF) module to quickly identify the location of PIM and Return Loss sources. Evolved from a design legacy of field proven analysers, this PIM Analyser enables network operators to improve site performance by finding and eliminating sources of passive intermodulation at the cell site. An intuitive touch screen interface is also available for local control, performing tests and quickly generating site reports.



 Why work with Castle Microwave?

We are the UK’s leading supplier for Antennas – and there are a number of reasons to work with us:

  • Rapid response times – we are proud of the speed it takes from initial enquiry to prototype, all the way through to manufacture.
  • Quality assurance – all of our products are held to the highest quality standards and checked at every stage of production.
  • State of the art manufacture – we work with a range of principals who are top of their field. Coupled with our manufacturers, who are top of their respective fields, we can guarantee state of art manufacture of the highest quality.

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