UK MACOM Products Distributor » Castle Microwave


With a comprehensive range of devices available from DC to light, Macom's catalogue contains packaged and die format semiconductor products for commercial, military and space level applications (including screened parts):

  • RF Power Products

-GaN on Si, Si Bipolar, Si MOSFET,

-Silicon Bipolar Power Pallett & Modules

  • Amplifiers

-Cascadable, CATV, FTTx, Hybrid, Linear, Low Noise, Power

  • Frequency Conversion

-Multipliers, Mixers, Converters, Receivers/Down Converters, Transceivers, Up-Converters

  • Frequency Generation

-VCO, NLTL Comb Generators

  • Diodes

-MACOM diode range, plus legacy parts from Metelics and Micrometrics

-All diode types

  • Control Products

-CMOS Switch Drivers, Digital Attenuators & Phase Shifters

-IQ Modulators/Demodulators, Limiters, Detectors, Switches, VVA, Sampling Phase Detectors

  • Passives

-Bias Networks, Couplers, Filters/Diplexers, Power Dividers & Combiners, Transformers & Baluns, R L C Products

  • Photonic Solutions

-FP & DFB Lasers, Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) and


  • Optical Sub-Assemblies



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