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EMC Testing

Castle Microwave offers a wide range of EMC/EMI, antenna and compliance testing products from accessories to turn-key test systems and anechoic chambers. In partnership with our EMC market focussed suppliers, we are able to offer the following:
•    EM field Meters
•    Shielded cameras and audio systems
•    Antenna positioners (including rail systems)
•    Absorber materials (pyramidal, elastomers, sheet material, castable, ferrite tile)
•    Dynamometers for both normal fuel and Electric Vehicles (EV)
•    Mini-EMC chambers
•    Fully Anechoic Chambers
•    Mode-Stir Chambers
•    Vehicle EMC Chambers
•    Antenna test ranges (near and far-field, compact)
•    RF Power amplifiers
•    High power/EIA flange cable assemblies
•    CSIPR25 compliant cable assemblies
•    EM simulation and modelling software
•    Support contracts for Antenna sites and equipment
•    RF and Shielding integrity testing for chambers and RF rooms

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-    Anechoic chamber
-    CSIPR25
-    RF absorber material
-    Dynamometers
-    Antenna positioner
-    RF power amplifier
-    EM simulation



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