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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing

Castle Microwave offers a wide range of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC/EMI), antenna and compliance testing products - from accessories to turn-key test systems and anechoic chambers, we help test any product. In partnership with our EMC market focussed suppliers, we are able to offer a range of testing products.
EMC certifications are a requirement to sell your product in most markets – make sure your product meets regulatory requirements with EMC testing equipment from Castle Microwave.
Castle Microwave’s EMC Testing Capabilities
Castle Microwave’s EMC Testing capabilities come from our partnerships with EMC market focussed suppliers across the UK. We conduct a comprehensive range of tests to provide you with the relevant EMC certification for your product. Our tests may include:
• EM field Meters
• Shielded cameras and audio systems
• Antenna positioners (including rail systems)
• Absorber materials (pyramidal, elastomers, sheet material, castable, ferrite tile)
• Dynamometers for both normal fuel and Electric Vehicles (EV)
• Mini-EMC chambers
• Fully Anechoic Chambers
• Mode-Stir Chambers
• Vehicle EMC Chambers
• Antenna test ranges (near and far-field, compact)
• RF Power amplifiers
• High power/EIA flange cable assemblies
• CSIPR25 compliant cable assemblies
• EM simulation and modelling software
• Support contracts for Antenna sites and equipment
• RF and Shielding integrity testing for chambers and RF rooms

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