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Electric Vehicle Compliance Testing

As part of Castle Microwave’s EMC product range, we are now able to provide equipment for use in Electric Vehicle (EV) compliance testing.

Due to the unique nature of EV drive train functionality, our partners at Innco have developed dynamometers designed to be used inside anechoic chambers that enable vehicles to be operated in various modes, capable of handling axle loads up to 5000kg. These are fully customisable and can be integrated into a turntable or supplied as a ‘’Free Standing’’ design which can be transported into and out of the EMC facility. The systems can be designed for front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, four wheel drive and free wheel drive types and Innco have developed DynamPro 4.0™ software to provide accurate and simple operations for all systems.

Example free-standing EV dynamometer

In addition to dynamometers, Innco also manufacture a range of EMC test products including antennas, positioners, test tables, controllers and turntables.

As automotive standards require vehicles to be tested whilst connected to a charging station, during the charging process, Pontis have extended their range of fibre optic converters to support EV charging test applications.

With the need to transmit signals into an EMC chamber and/or out of the chamber to measurement equipment, Pontis developed a variety of different interfaces that convert electrical signals to optical, transmits over fibre optic cable (immune against electrical fields) and subsequently re-convert. Shielding and filtering technologies ensure the interfaces are highly immune against radiated signals and do not generate significant emissions.

The PONTIS EMC foCarCharger transmits the data signals via fibre using this technology. Due to the versatile concept of the converter it can be used with most international standards and be updated to new requirements as these are implemented. The foCarCharger supports Pilot Signal (PWM), PLC and CAN communication, enabling the equipment to support multiple standards like CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T. Additionally the charger can read various status signals. Switches on the foCarCharger enable the communication standard to be easily changed, and both sides (EV and EVSE) are shielded so can be used inside the EMC chamber. The firmware of the foCarCarger can be easily updated via a dedicated PC tool to react to future changes in the protocols.

System diagram for Pontis foCarCharger™

For more information on the above, or other EMC/EMI test products from cable assemblies to fully anechoic chambers please contact us at sales@castlemicrowave.com or 01635 271300 – we’ll be pleased to discuss your requirements!


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