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With long experience of providing simulation tool solutions to our customer base, Castle Microwave is now pleased to represent Cadence in the UK!

With the capability of the AWR Design Environment, Cadence software can assist with the simulation of hardware and system design for a wide range of applications across various industries including 5G/Wireless,
Aerospace/Defence, Semiconductors, Automotive, and Academia. Castle Microwave are proud to provide dedicated applications engineering support to designers solve complex challenges for amplifiers,
antennas, filters, MMICs, RF PCBs, RFICs, Passive devices and RF/Microwave modules. Options available to support effective simulation include Network Synthesis, iFilter™, iMatch™, 5G Library, Radar Library and TX-LINE SOLUTIONS.

AWR Design Environment


This platform provides RF/microwave engineers with integrated high-frequency circuit (Microwave Office™), system (VSS™), and EM (AXIEM™/Analyst) simulation technologies and design automation to develop realizable electronics ready for manufacture. The platform helps designers manage complex integrated-circuit (IC), package, and printed-circuit board (PCB) modelling, simulation, and verification, addressing all aspects of circuit behaviour to achieve optimal performance and reliable results for first-pass success.

Cadence® Clarity™

Clarity 3D Solver is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation software tool for designing critical interconnects for PCBs, IC packages, and system on IC (SoIC) designs. The tool can solve the true 3D structure by efficiently matching the available computing resources to the size of the design.

Cadence® Celsius™Thermal Solver


This is the industry’s first complete electrical-thermal co-simulation solution for the full hierarchy of electronic systems from ICs to physical enclosures. Based on a production-proven, massively parallel architecture that delivers up to 10X faster performance than legacy solutions without sacrificing accuracy, the Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package, and PCB implementation platforms. This enables new system analysis and design insights and empowers electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process—reducing electronic system development iterations.


Cadence® Sigrity™ Aurora

This provides traditional signal and power integrity (SI/PI) analysis for pre-, in-design, and post-layout PCB designs. It provides a SPICE-based simulator and the patented Sigrity embedded hybrid field solvers for extraction of 2D and 3D structures.

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor


This helps bring your innovative and bleeding-edge designs to life. With a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools, you can effortlessly tackle the simplest or most complex projects. The constraint driven environment provides real-time visual feedback and ensures the functionality and manufacturability of your PCBs while reducing design time.

Ready to start your Candence software experience with Castle Microwave? With an extensive capability to simulate and realize your designs, call us today to learn more about the powerful tools from Cadence or book a demonstration!


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