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X-MWblocks® modular RF and Microwave building blocks allow designers to seamlessly design, evaluate, prototype, and produce high performance RF and Microwave systems faster, easier, and at lower cost. Their innovative modular system building blocks and services address every phase of the development process from concept to prototype to production hardware for a wide range of RF applications up to 67 GHz.

Castle Microwave is delighted to offer the full range of X-Microwave products from prototyping accessories through getting started development kits to production modular solutions. With a library of over 6000 component part numbers from a range of quality semiconductor manufacturers that can be tested as individual components or a complete signal chain, the X-Microwave prototyping system offers unprecedented flexibility for RF hardware design. 







 X-Microwave Specifications

Engineering an RF and microwave solution has never been easier with the Simulator, Layout and Cascade tools available on the X-Microwave website.

The Layout and Cascade tool is an interactive online design environment for part selection, layout, and cascade analysis of signal chains designed with X-MW blocks on a prototype plate or in standard connectorized housing.

The X-Microwave Free online Simulator allows proof of concept by providing a simulation - with hundreds of real components - of the proposed system. This tool can subsequently be used to review the BOM and pricing of the necessary parts to assemble a physical prototype.

Existing X-MW block available from Castle Microwave include, amplifiers, filters attenuators, LNAs, gain blocks, switches, oscillators and dividers.

Reference Design Kits

Three reference design kits are available to support getting started with the X-Microwave prototyping system.

XM-RDK-200 features a broad assortment of X-MW blocks from DC – 30 GHz including filters, a switch, splitters, amplifiers, and more. A complete PLL and VCO fully enclosed in X-MW walls and X-MW lids provide a complete experience of the complete design platform. The PLL is programmed with the X-MW controller, altogether providing a ready-to-run, zero-install out of box experience.

Also available are the XM-RDK-201 and -202 that provide reference designs for mmwave up and down converters (respectively) operating from 24-44 GHz.

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