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RF & Microwave Components

The company offers a very wide range of state of the art Optical and RF & Microwave components that are used in today’s modern radio and communications systems. This includes consumer electronics and industrial products, to the most advanced aerospace, defence and Hi-Rel applications.

RF & Microwave Devices: A wide selection of product from DC to 110GHz at the circuit board level which includes diodes, transistors and integrated circuits (MMICs), along with resistors, capacitors and inductors and passive circuit elements like dividers, couplers, transformers and baluns. We have an extensive range of high performance PTFE and ceramic based circuit board materials along with advanced interconnect solutions.

RF and Microwave components: These are higher level functional building blocks and are also available from DC to 110GHz. They include high performance amplifiers, high power transmitters in both solid state and electron tube designs with outputs in the multi kilowatt range, antennas, attenuators and terminations, connectors and cable assemblies, couplers, ferrite components like isolator and circulators, filters of all types, limiters, log amps, microwave subsystems, mixers, multiplexers, multipliers, oscillators, phase shifters, prescalers, switches, CAE design software, synthesisers, travelling wave tubes and klystrons, waveguides to YIG Devices.

Optical Devices: Including solid state laser diodes, super bright LEDs, TOSA and ROSA modules plus high speed mux/demux modules for optical communication systems. We also offer fibre optic cables and passive optical devices, splitters and DWDM.







Motors, Actuators and Resolvers

The company is a premier supplier of highly reliable motors, actuators and resolvers for extreme environments that range from vacuum and the extreme temperatures of outer space to the high pressures and temperatures of oil and geothermal applications.

Electric motor designs include AC induction and synchronous motors, with single and three phase drive. DC servo brush and brushless (DLDC) models, low profile torquers and stepper motors. Such motors have been space qualified and are used in actuators and vehicle drives, to custom designs which can operate at high temperatures and pressures (220’C / 30,000 psi) used in the exploration and down hole drilling industry. We also offer a range of custom alternators for the exploration and drilling industry.

Resolvers, synchro's and variable reluctance resolvers are used for precision angular measurement. Single and multiple speed designs are available to measure down to +/-2 arc seconds.

Space qualified actuators and mechanism designed for application such satellite solar array/panel deployment, satellite antenna pointing mechanisms along with space probes and robotics arms on planetary rovers.


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