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The four Products Frontgrade offer are -

  • Antennas 
  • Waveguides
  • Rotary Joints
  • RF Cables

Frontgrade pioneers the future and underpins many of the world’s most critical missions. Our radhard microelectronics empower the world’s leading spacecraft: from leading high throughput commercial communications satellites, earth observation satellites, and manned space, to high priority national security missions, deep space exploration to Mars and beyond, and the latest new space constellations. Our RF transmission and antenna solutions enable space signal transmission, search & surveillance, satellite communications, missile defence radars, missile seekers, electronic warfare systems that keep warfighters safe, and civil aviation radars that ensure the safety of the flying public. Our highly complex motion control products enable satellite solar panel actuation, Mars Rover actuation, and optical steering. Our power management solutions convert and distribute power in the harshest of environments. In addition, our high reliability microelectronics enable genome sequencers and CT scanners that health care professionals use to improve people’s health.

As our new name suggests, we are on the frontlines of both technology and with the forces that protect our nation. Our products set the high-grade standard for quality that mission critical programs need in order to achieve success. We hold our customer service to the same quality standards, making sure that we work with our partners to meet their exacting requirements.

Frontgrade is a pioneer in advanced electronics for aerospace and defence applications, providing components, modules and sub-systems for specialised, mission-critical applications.
Frontgrade serves space, military, avionics, medical and industrial markets with an extensive portfolio of analog, power, mixed-signal and digital products. These include commercial- and military-grade RF, microwave and millimeter wave (mmW) technologies that ensure high-reliability operation in the harshest environments and across the entire product lifecycle.
In close collaboration with our customer-partners, Frontgrade's radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant technology has been designed into hundreds of the world’s most iconic spacecraft and satellites, from the NASA Mars Rover to the International Space Station.

With the industry’s most comprehensive high-reliability product portfolio, Frontgrade delivers everything from standard components to fully customised solutions.

Frontgrade's RadHard-by-Design® products are optimized for space, as well as commercial, medical and industrial applications, and are supported by a proven set of design and layout techniques to achieve superior radiation performance characteristics.
We offer a range of microprocessors, microcontrollers, memory and interface ICs specifically designed for traditional space as well as Constellation and New Space satellites.

Frontgrade's RF, microwave and mmW products span the entire signal chain and include antennas and apertures, ASICs, frequency converters, synthesizers, waveguides, cables, rotary joints and motion control solutions.
Frontgrade's digital offerings feature our signature LEON 32-bit SPARC-based microprocessor, microcontrollers and memories, including NAND flash, SSRAM and MRAM.
We offer a range of power conversion and management devices specifically designed for traditional space as well as Constellation and New Space satellite.

Why work with Castle Microwave?

We are the UK’s leading supplier of Antennas – and there are a number of reasons to work with us:

  • Rapid response times – we are proud of the speed it takes from initial enquiry to prototype, all the way through to manufacture.
  • Quality assurance – all of our products are held to the highest quality standards and checked at every stage of production.
  • State of the art manufacture – we work with a range of principals who are top of their field. Coupled with our manufacturers, who are top of their respective fields, we can guarantee state of art manufacture of the highest quality.

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