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Combinova Magnetic Field Meter

Combinova Magnetic Field Meter

Dual Band Magnetic Field Meter

Magnetic Field Meter 2000 is a professional dual band magnetic field instrument with a unique combination of features:

• simultaneous measurements of ELF and VLF magnetic fields.

• unique real time dual band spectrum analysis in three dimensions

• orthogonal coil sensor for field direction independence.

• frequency range from 5 Hz – 2 kHz and 2 kHz – 400 kHz according to MPR 2 and TCO certification

• true RMS measurements of both frequency bands.

• touch panel display with numerical and graphical result presentation.


Magnetic Field Meter 2000 is specifically designed to replace the MFM 1000 and MFM 10 instruments. Flexible operation modes built into the instrument are:

• single or continuous measurements of both bands simultaneously.

• full remote mode capabilities controlled from a PC.

• PC support software to handle remote mode operation, storage and presentation of measurement data

from complete testing according to TCO certification methods.

• PC database, test procedure guidance and report generator.


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