Poynting DS now Alaris Antennas


Poynting Holdings, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange AltX Board, operated three main divisions, being Poynting & Specialised (Defence Division), Poynting Commercial (Commercial Division) and the Digital TV division.

On 22 December 2014, it was announced that Poynting Holdings will dispose of all the loss-making (Commercial division) businesses to its former CEO, Dr Andre Fourie. The listed entity, Poynting Holdings, will continue to operate its Defence Division and its Digital TV division.

More of the same
Mr. Juergen Dresel, Poynting co-founder and who took over the sole-management of Poynting & Specialised in 2005, will continue to run the Defence Division as before. He has also accepted the role of acting CEO of the listed Poynting Holdings Group.

After the restructuring, the Poynting Holdings Group has become much less complex. We have sharpened our focus on what we are good at, which means that surplus resources can now be directed to provide an improved offering to our clients. A new facility, an upgraded ERP system, a new company name (refer below) and our renewed focus on quality are big client-centric changes. To this end we strongly believe that our clients will begin to enjoy the benefits. It is important to note that our product offering, our product codes and the people that serve you will remain the same. Poynting Holdings, including the Defence Division, is now a stronger, more focused business with a promise to deliver even better quality products and service.

Change of name to Alaris
We are rebranding Poynting & Specialised to Alaris Antennas.

Alaris, from the Latin for ‘troops on the wing’ echoes the company’s commitment to partnership with its customers. Our aim is to share in their victories and suffer with them in adversity. The Company will stand ‘always by your side’ and be there and ready when it is most needed.

Poynting Holdings is also in the process of changing its name to Alaris Holdings.

Change of particulars
Please take note of the changes in legal particulars detailed in Appendix A and communicate it to your relevant departments.

Despite the apparent changes, we would like to stress that that there are no changes to any staff involved or with the day-to-day activities of the business carried out by Poynting & Specialised (Alaris Antennas). We look forward to forging our relationship with you and to enjoy many years of combined success!

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