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We are able to offer a range of connectorized and surface mount amplifiers for a variety of applications. These include a variety of surface mount parts, including low cost general purpose parts, HBT’s (packaged and bare die), LNA’s (packaged and bare die), Distributed Amplifiers (packaged and bare die), Driver and power amplifiers (packaged and bare die), with frequencies up to 100GHz. For the high power amplifiers power levels of up to 2500Watts can be offered for broadband applications up to 6GHz. We can also offer a range of optical amplifiers.


  • Amplifier Modules
  • Broadband Solid State
  • SOA's - Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
  • LNA's - Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Power & Bi-Directional Power Amplifiers
We are able to offer a range of Low Noise Amplifiers and Ultra Low Noise Amplifiers, with frequencies ranging from 0.2GHz to 100GHz. These include broadband and narrowbandwidth devices with single power supply in a lightweight housing and with appropriate coax connector or waveguide input and output using a variety of technologies



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