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Expanding our capabilities into the Counter UAS market, Castle Microwave is proud to represent Echodyne in the UK and Ireland!

Echodyne, the radar platform company, designs and delivers innovative, high performance, compact, solid-state, MESA® radars. Ideally suited for advanced 4D situational awareness, Echodyne’s commercially priced electronically scanned array radars are used by defence and government agencies, defence contractors, and security integrators for counter-UAS, portable ISR, border security, and critical infrastructure protection applications and autonomous machine developers for unmanned aerial and ground vehicle applications.

Main segments supported by Echodyne’s range of MESA radar systems:

Defense – meeting Mission requirements

  • Counter-UAS
  • Border Security
  • Portable ISR
  • Base Security & Force Protection
  • Unmanned Vehicles

 Security – providing Situational Awareness

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Counter-Drone
  • Urban Environments
  • Law Enforcement, Fire, SAR

 Autonomy – ideal sensor for autonomous machines

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • UAV, UAM, UAS Corridors, Droneports
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  • SAE L4+, UGV, Cognitive AV
  • Machine Perception
  • Smart Cities

Echodyne radars protect borders, bases, government facilities, critical infrastructure, special events, and VIPs, worldwide. Their radars make unmanned aircraft safe in the air, and autonomous vehicles more intelligent on the road. Echodyne radars are used for mission-critical applications and are built to perform because it matters.

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