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Alaris Antennas

  • Whip / Jammer / DF (Direction Finding) Antennas
  • Vehicle Tracking / Road Tolling / RFID Antennas
  • Wireless 3G, WiFi WiMax Antennas
  • Patch - Panel - Dish - Mesh Designs
  • OEM/ODM Designs


Alaris Antennas delivers high quality antenna solutions for the global defence, security and communications markets:

The Defence and Specialised business unit of Alaris Antennas is involved in the design and manufacturing of a wide range of military and specialised antennas.This business unit has a number of local and international distributors through whom they supply across 16 different countries 

The Base Station Equipment group of Alaris Antennas (previously, Saab Grintek Defence group) manufactures antennas, diplexers and amplifiers for the African cellular market. 

The Wireless Data Networks group of manufactures Antenna for WiMax, RFID, Embedded antennas and iBurst


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